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              Guangdong Kolea Modern Agricultural Equipment  Co., Ltd. is set up in 2003 (Original Guangzhou Kolea) at total investment RMB590 million, located in Zengcheng Economic and Technology Development Zone( National)。 Kolea have facilities which cover an area of 283 acres including 135,000sqms of modern production base, and more than 500 delicated employees; Among of them, there is a senior R&D team with total 62 people including Japanese expert Dr. Kaki Seiichi . Also Kolea working closely withDr. Yiyuan Jiang and other 6 people from China Engineering R&D Center, China Science InstituteNortheast Agricultural University and other 8 universities, achieved 71 patents together in the past years.

              High - end equipment production base, excellent research and development, strict ISO iso9001 quality management system, Internet production management system, excellent sales and service team, along with the vibrant and competitive work environment, to Ensure Kolea a leader in high end Agricultural machinery in R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service.

              Kolea rice and sugarcane mechanization solution is outstanding in agricultural field, and Kolea is also the only one enterprise who can provide a mechanization of rice programme among South China's 11 rice production provinces. The advanced “Factory Rice Seeding Technology" completely changed Chinese traditional seeding history: low efficiency, high costs, low ability to resist risks. Kolea's products get identification and promotion of the China Agricultural Machinery Sector, that help Kolea to set up more than 120 distributors all over China. Kolea will lead the establishment of China's high-end Agricultural Machinery Industry Association based on its technology and Government support. In oversea market, Kolea has built up more than 30 distributers and has been recognized by users world wide.

              Kolea attracted many domestic investors by equity restructuring and its technological advantages in 2009. Including ICBC investment co., Ltd, Xinghai International Investment Co.,Ltd...etc. as shareholders, who give Kolea strong economic background, lay a strategic foundation of economy in future.

              In 2010, Kolea selected Zengcheng Economic and Technology zone to bulid up its own modern factory and experimental bases. We can the High-Tech, Environmental protection and energy saving from Kolea's plant siting, design, and construction.
              Automation, intelligent, and implementation of Internet management;
              High-end, and composite materials, high quality high standard construction;
              plant is cooling and lighting designed, to effective save power;
              Application of biological treatment technology for produced sewage treatment.

              Established engineering laboratory With Guangdong province in Zengcheng Economic and Technology Zone, including: R&D Center, Testing Center, Experimental Center. And equipped with 2 sets of Three-Coordinate measuring machine, Horizontal machining center, Robotic welding center, Direct reading spectrometer...etc. totally 150 sets advanced devices. Because of Kolea's R&D and manufacturing, Kolea is designated as ASEAN Agricultural training center on wholly rice mechanization by China Agricultural Department

              Kolea's Vision for the future
              Business structure
              Based on paddy field of agricultural equipment, sugarcane machine, Rice seedlings in plants, Non-road land transport machinery...etc. to introduce High-end intelligent equipment Strategic targets
              Take Three-Step to bring Kolea a world-class agricultural machine and equipment manufacturing enterprises
              In next 10 years, we will make Kolea an Asian famous agricultural machinery equipment manufacturing enterprises.
              In the next second decade, we will make Kolea a world-wide famous agricultural machinery equipment manufacturing enterprises.