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              Welfare treatment
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              Colli and giving according to talented person's ability and performance to return, and provide perfect welfare system, including
              accommodation, transport, communications, professional and systematic training, etc.

              Salary: basic salary + performance salary + skills salary + + seniority wage subsidies.

              Equity incentive: to management equity incentive plan, designed to allow employees to share the company's performance growth,
              make individual interests and long-term interests of the company development together.

              Paid paid off: legal holiday, holiday of maternity leave, funeral leave, inductrial injury, etc.

              Insurance: shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the state basic endowment insurance, inductrial injury insurance,
              unemployment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance; The company and for employees to purchase major disease
              medical subsidies.

              About accommodation: free accommodation for employees, equipped with nutritional breakfast, two for dinner, in the blue one,
              dormitory facilities,
              are equipped with air conditioning.

              Entertainment facilities: in order to enrich employees amateur life, company has a basketball court, badminton court, table tennis
              room, studio, etc.
              And conduct corresponding all kinds of recreational activities.

              Other benefits: holiday physical benefits