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              Service hotline
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              A, the marketing concept

              1, the customer first, contribute to society

              2, people-oriented, integrity management

              3, close to the market, close to the user

              4, to the letter for the root, manufacturers and win-win

              Second, the national sales and service offices

              Guangdong colli and modern agricultural equipment co., LTD

              Address: guangdong province and guangzhou zengcheng xintang new north road no. 34 [guangzhou eastern (zengcheng) automobile industry base]

              Zip code: 511340

              Fax: 0860 020-3263

              Sales service hotline: 020-8744, 6513 (miss huang)

              After-sales service hotline: 020-2623, 7228 (song), 020-3263, 0860 (miss Chen)