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              Corporate culture
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              . management idea

              . Giving full play to comprehensive strength and contributing to social development through quality products and advanced technology.

              . Focus on the future for social prosperity and employee happiness, and open up the future.

              . Innovative spirit and courage to challenge the broad market.

              . Enterprise policy
              . Customer first, quality first class.

              . Good faith management, mutual win win.

              . Survival by quality and development by innovation.

              . Standard of behavior

              . Meeting users and developing together

              . Abide by laws and regulations and carry out business activities according to social ethics.

              . Respect others and respect technology.

              . Creating a safe and dynamic working environment.

              . Protection of the earth's environment and regional environment
              . coexist with the international community and regional society.

              Improving the transparency of enterprise operation and fulfilling the social responsibilities of enterprises.