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              Gz - 91-4 cut sections of sugarcane combine harvester

              Gz - 91-4 cut sections of sugarcane combine harvester
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              Gz - 91-4 sections of sugar cane combine harvester cutting products to adapt to the row spacing is 0.9-0.9 meters, can be a one-time sugarcane pick up, down, transmission, cutting, cleaning, stripping leaves, joint operation functions such as collection of heap, bagging, do not need artificial auxiliary. Due to the crawler walking system, mechanical field walk spirit, able to adapt to a certain slope of mountain, and the sugarcane ground pressure is small, there will be no wheel bad sugarcane combine harvester pressure head. Due to the high degree of automation products, serious to lodging and/or the separation of the sugarcane harvest ability and the effect of staggered winding is much higher than similar products, harvesting efficiency can be as high as 10 tons/hour.

              Is the result of the company has complete functions, equipped with high-end, form a complete set of the 13 square meters of modern advanced production, testing, research and development and experimental base, product sell rate above 85%, and the whole machine of low cost, while maintaining and fairly under the condition of the operating performance of similar products abroad, the price is much lower than imported products, good adaptability in the domestic similar products, with high cost performance, is the ministry of agriculture and the ministry of industry and one of the first domestic sugarcane harvester, enjoy subsidies.