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              4 gz series cut sections of sugarcane combine harvester

              4 gz series cut sections of sugarcane combine harvester
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              Colli sugar cane combine harvester is according to the sugar cane planting terrain conditions and agronomic characteristics and development of new cutting sections of sugar cane combine harvester, can be a one-time sugarcane pick up, down, transmission, cut off, clear reason, stripping leaves, heap, bagging, and joint operation functions. Which adapt to the row spacing is 0.9-0.9 meters, particularly suitable for the current our country under the condition of small field planting sugarcane area is not large, because the calculation crawler walking infinitely variable speed, can adapt to a certain slope of the mountain for industry, and the less pressure, will not appear as the phenomenon of wheeled bad sugarcane combine harvester pressure head, with each at the end of the fuselage can hold sugarcane 1 ton of mesh bag collection after cut into segments of sugar cane, mesh bag filled with can temporarily put in the field, after the truck off again when you are free, such as the harvester can immediately put into the harvest work, the production efficiency of up to 10 tons/hour.