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              Sowing rice disc shifting production line

              Sowing rice disc shifting production line
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              Colli and has the full mechanization of rice production equipment and technology, to push forward the "generation of seedlings, the generation of the whole field planting, generation, and reap, and unified the management" business model, to accelerate the process of fully mechanized rice food production!

              The economic benefits of rice seedlings

              Save seeds: ha than conventional field seedlings save seeds 0.6 jin;

              Seedlings cycle shorten: seedlings only 10 ~ 12 days or so, than the field seedlings reduced 7 ~ 10 days, boards for 10 days shorter than field floppy disk;

              Increase yield significantly: the average season production per acre 50 kg;

              Save seedling bed: seedlings and field ZaiCha matching relationship and 0, cover an area of an area small;

              Save the spring water: seedlings decreased rake retting of seedbed water, according to statistics, around 100 cubic meters per mu can save water;