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              A type of high-speed rice transplanter

              A type of high-speed rice transplanter
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              The machines powered by small gasoline engine and four-wheel drive, infinitely variable speed, rotary transplanting mechanism with double row, achieve high-speed throw planting; The basic seedling, ZaiCha depth and planting distance indicators can be quantified, such as adaptive hybrid rice precision cast planting; With the hydraulic copying system, improve the working stability of the paddy field; Automation and electromechanical integration, and fully guarantee the reliability of machines and tools, adaptability and flexibility operation; Walk part with four-wheel drive and HST CVT, improve the mobility and through sex. To adapt to the southern soil viscosity big, dusty feet deep, small field, and has high performance, wide applicability, can the advantages of inter-district homework. Threw the planting machine precision and orderly with planting, can overcome some seedlings upright state mixed and disorderly, the seedling in the wind. Take run high-speed transplanter technology leading domestic level, the successful design of the machine is the major part of cultivated rice production technology innovation, widely applied to the rice production mechanization.