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              Peanut combine

              Peanut combine
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              Traditional way peanut harvest mainly by manpower, work efficiency is low, the harvest will cause not in time off fruit, rotten fruit germination. Farmers harvest this way the serious influence of peanut planting benefit, to the detriment of peanut planting industry development in our country. Colli, according to China's regional production pattern research system of a new type of joint peanut harvester is to promote the realization of the full mechanized peanut production process.

              Therefore, guangdong colli and modern agricultural equipment co., LTD. Has developed a new type peanut harvest machinery. The mechanical well is suitable for the peanut planting mode, separation, bulldozing and helps plants, plants, soil, pull off pod, screening, bagging, grass and other functions in one body, has high working efficiency, picking fruit rate is high, low loss, high QingJieLv. The machine is used for peanut harvest, can greatly reduce the manpower demand, shortening the time of harvest, harvest operation cost.

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